Be one of our Brand Ambassadors!


The role:

The purpose of a brand ambassador is to represent Nora Swimwear to the best of your ability. We want you to love Nora Swimwear as much as we do!

Help us spread our message of women empowerment and positivity across the globe by loving yourself and your swimsuit. Be innovative, and passionate. Show us that you can create engaging content with the Nora brand. Start meaningful conversations. Think you have what it takes?  

Fill out the application below to be considered!

The benefits:

  • You will become a part of the Nora Swimwear family and play a major role in the future of the brand

  • You will have the opportunity help us design styles, patterns, and colours for future collections

  • You have the option for your own promo code which you can share with your family and friends on your social channels

  • You will receive one or more of our bikinis/ one pieces to help promote the brand


  • Must have a public Instagram account

  • Must be over the age of 18

  • Must have minimum 6,000 followers

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We consider anybody that has more than 6k followers.
YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

If we think you’re a good fit for our brand, we will send you the complete Brand Ambassador guide via email with full details of your role and benefits as a BA!

Thanks for your submission, and good luck!