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A Letter of Encouragement From the Founder

A Letter of Encouragement From the Founder

Today I participated in a cancer research fundraiser/marketplace in Fredericton, NB.

Today is also the day I realized how far the world has twisted its ideals of beauty.

Almost every woman who stopped by at my booth would look at the swimsuits, smile, and then proceed to make a negative comment about themselves.

During my time at this event, I repeatedly heard the following:

“Maybe when I hit the gym”

“I stopped wearing bikinis when I got my stretch marks from my kids”

“I wish I could fit into these” “I’m working on losing 20 pounds, so once I reach that I’ll have to buy one”

“My boobs are too big”

“I wish my butt was nice”

“Nope, no bikinis for me. Only one-piece’s. No one wants to see that”

Some people would simply look at the booth, laugh ‘no way’ and continue on. It angered me that these women were being so hard on themselves.

At one point, I even responded with you look awesome the way you are”, which made things slightly awkward.

But she did. And she should know that.

I even debated making a sign that read “no body negative comments allowed.”


Because women need to stop beating themselves up.

Yes, we all want to improve our bodies, our health, and our looks.

But at what cost?

Every single woman who stopped by to look at the swimsuits today would look amazing in swimwear, regardless of their age, shape, and size.

Nora Swimwear may not be right for them. Maybe the styles wouldn’t fit the way they wanted, or the sizing isn’t quite right.

At the end of the day, it’s because the suits aren’t right for them, not that THEY aren’t right for the suits.

There is a real problem with beauty standards today and we all know that but when are we going to change it?

What are we going to do about it?

Never seek beauty with the standards of the world. Know your worth and know that you are beautiful just the way you are.





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