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As a central value to Nora Swimwear, the blog is used to feature and celebrate women who are doing something they are proud of. 

Brittnee Blair

Brittnee Blair

As a central value to Nora Swimwear, the blog is used to feature and celebrate women who are doing something they are proud of. 

This is Brittnee Blair – a 26-year-old plus-size model who came in fourth place on Big Brother Canada in season 3. Brittnee has modelled for  brands like Macy's, Lane Bryant, and Ashley Stewart. 


First off Brittnee, tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Brittnee Blair, I'm a 26 year old plus-size model with Jag Models in New York and B & M Models Toronto. I'm passionate about people, my family, my friends and traveling

Where are you from, and where do you currently live?

   I'm a born and raised Canadian from Calgary, Alberta. I current live in Canada but commute to NYC and around the world for work.

When did you first get into modelling?

I first started modelling when I was 7 years old.

Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t be a model?

No one has ever told me that I couldn't model, but I have often received comments like "so what do you model ?" As if to be implied that perhaps I was too big to model or didn't fit the stereotypical ideal of a model.

What do you do when someone tells you “no”?

In my life I accept constructive criticism, but when someone tells me no because of the way I look or because I don't fit their cookie cutter image, it pushes me to try harder and to really set my mind to succeeding contrary to opinions.

What would you say to women who aren’t comfortable with their own bodies?

I would tell them that their body is theirs. It is their home, their sanctuary, their prize and it should be seen and treated as so. We live in a world where too many people attempt to tell us how to feel about our body or that were not perfect. We are only as good as our own ideals of perfection. If you choose to see yourself as beautiful, then you are, and that should be more than enough.

How do you try and inspire others?

I try to live and lead by example. I want to be so fierce, so full of love and humble confidence that I inspire others to do the same. I want my positive attitude and self love to be infectious.

Who are some women you look up to?

Some women who inspire me would be my mom, my friends, and every women that goes against the grain and continues to live their life according to their own rules.

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

The hardest thing I've ever had to do, was being locked away in the Big Brother Canada 3 house with 16 strangers for 3 months without my family, my friends and my support system.

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment to date is becoming an international working model. Although people think it's a lot easier than it truly is. I'm extremely proud to say that I'm able to have this as my career, travel the world and meet people from all walks of life.

What do you wish to accomplish in the future?

In the future I hope to host my own television show. I want to be a voice and a face that brings light to people's lives by inspiring them and adding value to their day.

What’s the most exciting thing going on in your life right now?

The most exciting thing going on in my life right now is that I'm going to be an auntie for the first time!!! Super excited to spoil my new niece :)

Besides modelling, what else do you do? What are your other interests?

 I enjoy travelling, food blogging and trying new restaurants around my city and the world. I also enjoy camping, hiking, boating, dancing, and baking.

What's something you like about Nora Swimwear? 

My favourite thing about Nora Swimwear is that it not only cares about dressing all women and body types, but it also stands for empowering and uplifting women beyond wear. I'm fond of the fact a portion of the proceeds go towards FINCA and helping low-income entrepreneur startup their dreams and ambitions.  

How has your life changed after being on Big Brother Canada? What’s different?

My life is still somewhat the same after BBCAN3. The only difference is now I have 15 new friends, Canada knows me on a personal level so it's always great going out and meeting new fans of the show, and I also find that I have a better perspective on life, people, and the things that truly matter.

This next questions is for Brother Brother fans... is slop really that bad? What does it taste like? It looks like oatmeal!

Slop was truly AWFUL! I wish it had only taste like oatmeal but unfortunately when it was raw it was bland, and thick and had a texture of raw concrete mix. When the slop is baked it has the texture of cardboard. It was really hard to get it down and when you finally did... It would make your stomach ache. Least favourite thing to eat in the whole world.


Favourite photoshoot you’ve ever done:

When I shot in Paris. Seeing the Eiffel Tower, eating amazing food and working with a wonderful French client was one thing I could check off on my bucket list.

Favourite product you use every day:

My favourite product I use everyday is my Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser. It's the best face wash I have ever used. Keeps my skin clear, and removes any and all makeup.

Favourite thing to splurge on:

Makeup. I love playing around with makeup and different styles! I love trying new brands and colours of lipsticks etc.

Favourite thing to sip on by the pool:
 A Bahama Mama.



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