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As a central value to Nora Swimwear, the blog is used to feature and celebrate women who are doing something they are proud of. 

Emma Chapple

Emma Chapple

As a central value to Nora Swimwear, the blog is used to feature and celebrate women who are doing something they are proud of. 

This week is Emma Chapple, who is more than your average law student. Emma tackles each and every battle with strength, and a touch of humour.

 [ Name: Emma Chapple ]

[ Location: Halifax, NS ]

[ Snapshot: A writer, law student and sometimes-stand up comedian. ]

Tell us about yourself

I’m a law student and writer. I write about my personal experiences as a young woman with Crohn’s disease, from the funny to the sad to the absurd. I also write about pop culture when I’m sick of talking about being sick.

I’m a millennial stereotype in that I don’t want to limit myself to one thing. I’m in law school because I’d like to get into media law, but I also want to tell my own story and advocate for young people with chronic illnesses. So, I guess you could say I’m a wannabe multi-hyphenate.

Do you like to create change?

Yes! I want to change the way people think about Crohn’s disease. I’ve been met with so much misinformation and dangerous myths – and the crazy thing is it’s usually from people who have good intentions (I know you’re concerned, but I can eat those nachos). 

I have a permanent ileostomy which is a pouch on my abdomen that takes the place of my butthole (sorry!), and I want people to know that it’s no big deal. It makes my life a little bit harder sometimes, but it doesn’t make me a different person. And if I joke about it (which I do, a lot) it’s okay to laugh with me!

What gets you motivated?

When you’re chronically ill, you can have a lot of downtime. It’s a double-edged sword because you end up appreciating all the times you could do whatever you wanted. I’ve been dealing with a chronic wound – unfortunately placed in between my buttcheeks – for over a year. Once it’s gone, I’ve vowed to take up running, since I was never quite able to do it before.

If you could do anything, what would it be?

I would love to write more. If I ever had the chance I would want to write for film and TV. I’ve had so many situations where my life is just so absurd that I think, “this would make a great TV show.” 

How would you describe your personality?

I like to think I’m funny and my friends would probably say I’m sarcastic. I’m opinionated, always up for a debate and constantly thinking.

Emma wearing the Stella swimsuit

Emma wearing the Stella swimsuit

Empowering women seems to come quite naturally to you, were you always this way?

Not at all! The very idea of telling people about my illness used to scare me a lot. But once I started talking about it, I was surprised by all the positive comments I got. It was the total opposite of what I expected. I realized that talking openly about it might actually help other people, in addition to helping me get over myself.

As much as I hate the word, Crohn’s and inflammatory bowel are still very much stigmatized. The only way to get past that is to have more people who don’t fit the outdated stereotypes speak up about it.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to stick to the classics. My go-to outfit is a pair of skinny jeans, a shirt in a solid colour or a simple pattern, and a blazer. Accessories are where I like to mix it up. I’m very into wide-brimmed hats and dark red lipstick right now, but it changes with the season.



Breakfast or dinner?


Where is your fav breakfast or dinner spot? 

My default place to go with friends is enVie in Halifax – it’s a local vegan restaurant so it means all of us are happy!

Nova Scotia or NB?

Sorry NB, I’m going to have to say Nova Scotia.

Fav place to get a dose of motivation?

Music. I love listening to the Hamilton soundtrack – it’s the most inspiring thing.

Fav Nora Swim?

Stella! Having an ostomy, it’s hard for me to find a one-piece swimsuit I’m comfortable in. I was so ecstatic when I put Stella on for the first time!

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