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Meet the Model, Rebecca

Meet the Model, Rebecca

Meet the Model, Rebecca

The snapshot

Nickname: Becca or Bec.

Age: 18

Occupation: Retail associate at American Eagle AND student 

Favourite Artists: Drake, Jason Aldean, and Florida Georgia Line (complete opposites, I know…)

Dream vacation with your BFF: I would love to go to Greece!

1. Hey Rebecca, where are you from and what do you do?

I am from Fredericton, New Brunswick. I work as a sales associate at American Eagle and just recently got a second job at a restaurant as a hostess. I will be going into my second year at St. Thomas University in the fall where I am working on a double major in psychology and criminology with a minor in French.

2. What’s the first thing you can remember about Nora Swimwear? 

I first heard about Nora when they held their first pop-up shop at Tilleul. I was obsessed with the Luna bikini because of the marble design, and loved the other styles of the bikinis as well!

3. When was your first modelling experience? 

I first started doing photoshoots with local photographers in Fredericton. I continue to do shoots for local businesses like Shop Tilleul and Nora Swimwear today! 

4. Who is your favourite model  

I admire Iskra Lawrence as a model because of her belief in body positivity and her goal to improve the image of women in the media. She is part of the unretouched campaign and she encourages confidence in other women which I believe is so important.

5. What does a typical day look like for you?

I usually start off a normal day by making a yummy breakfast and a smoothie. When I don’t have classes or work, I might take my dog for a walk, spend time around my pool, go for lunch with my friends, or just spend time with my boyfriend and family. My sister and I love to cook and bake so that is something we spend a lot of days doing together as well.

6. What is something you’re working towards right now?

I’m currently working towards completing my Bachelor of Arts degree. I haven't completely decided on a career path yet, but I know I want to work with children possibly as a youth psychologist or a teacher.

7. Where would you like to be in five years ?

In five years I hope to have completed my undergrad degree and be working towards my chosen career. I also hope to have had the chance to travel. I love traveling and I hope to have visited my dream destinations, Greece and Italy. 

8. Who is the most inspiring person you've ever met?

The most inspiring people in my life are my parents. They are both hard workers and positive people. They have always inspired me to do my best at everything I do and to be the best person I can be. They have also inspired me to live a life full of kindness and love. I’m very thankful for them.


9. How do you express yourself creatively?

Probably through fashion. Although I am not the most stylish person I know, I love to try out new fashion trends. I also love to read fashion blogs because you can learn new trends and outfit ideas that I normally wouldn't think of. I actually have always been interested in starting my own blog so maybe someday I will!

10. What are three things that people would be surprised to know about you?

- I used to hate traveling. I hated being away from home but now it’s one of my favourite things to do.

- I don’t really enjoy shopping. I usually get bored within 30 minutes of it.

- Although I love getting dressed up and going out, I would much rather be at home wearing sweats.

11. What causes are most important to you?

Equal rights for everyone is very important to me. I’ve always been passionate about people being treated equally and fairly.  

12. When and where do you feel most comfortable?

I feel most comfortable at home relaxing, either watching TV or listening to chill music.

13. How can women feel more comfortable in their own skin?

I think women would feel more comfortable in their own skin if there was less judgment in the world. Women would be more confident and comfortable by expressing themselves the way they want. I think that if people spent more time building each other up rather than tearing them down, people would be able to be confident in expressing themselves which would make them more comfortable in their own skin.

14. What motto do you live by?

Carpe Diem, which means “seize the day”. It basically means to enjoy each moment and enjoy every day while you have the chance, which I try to do.

15. How do you want to be remember?

I want to be remembered as someone who is always kind. Kindness is so important to me because I know it can go a long way. Even just smiling at someone or saying something nice can make someone’s day so much better and I always try to remember that you never know what someone may be going through, so being kind can never hurt.


1. Favourite go-to outfit: Lately I have been loving just high-rise denim shorts and a simple t-shirt tied up with sunglasses!

2. Favourite place to take a long nap: My bed because it's so comfy!

3.  Favourite Nora Swimwear for being active: Kaia because even though it is strapless it never falls down and is really comfortable!!

4. Favourite study treat: Fruit!

5.  Favourite person in the universe: My sister Sarah, she’s my bestfriend :)


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