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As a central value to Nora Swimwear, the blog is used to feature and celebrate women who are doing something they are proud of. 

Meet the Model, Tashianna

Meet the Model, Tashianna

The snapshot

Nickname: Tashi or Tash

Fun Fact: I'm half Guyanese, my father stowed away on a ship at age 19 to come to Canada for a better life, where he eventually met my beautiful mother and made a pretty cool kid (me).

Age: 21

Hometown: Sydney, Cape Breton

Dream beach: My favourite beach is one located on my beautiful island of Cape Breton, Black Brook Beach in Ingonish, N.S.

Describe yourself in one word: caring

1. Hey Tashi, what do you do!

Photo: Nat Carson

Photo: Nat Carson

I’m currently a third year public relations student full time, I've worked at Sportchek as a Footwear Advisor since age 16 and I work as Game Day Coordinator at my university, Mount Saint Vincent.

2. What are you most passionate about?

Sports have been my passion my entire life, I'm the best and worst person to bring to any game because I get so into it for the team I'm cheering for it tends to get a little intense.

3. Tell us about your dream job, where would you be and what would you be doing?

My dream job would be doing communication work for any professional sports team, NBA is the goal as basketball has been my favourite sport my whole life.

Photo: Nat Carson

Photo: Nat Carson

4. What’s your biggest accomplishment?

I would have to say my biggest accomplishment thus far is one, being accepted to university and not giving up after year one and that freshmen 15 and two, moving out on my own and raising the cutest boxer puppy.

5. Who is your biggest role model?

 My parents are my biggest role models. As I grow older I see all the sacrifices my parents have made to raise my brother and I, and I can't thank them enough for the woman they have made me and everything they continue to do for me.

Also Khloe Kardashian, that chick is fire!!! I love her personality and I love how much she is her own person. She's transformed her body and life and is a great inspiration to all young women struggling with body image and self esteem. I even named my puppy KoKo after her, so you know it's real.

6. You’re on your way to an amusement park, how will you spend your time there:

  1. Waiting in line for the best rides

  2. Skipping the line with a fast pass to get on the best rides

(It depends who's paying :))

7. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Not being able to play competitive basketball anymore. Basketball has been my life since grade four, I first got injured at the end of my season in grade nine and had to sit out my grade 10 year of basketball. Building back strength to be healthy enough to play again was extremely difficult but I made it back for my final two years of high school. With no real dream of pursuing basketball after high school, I was given the opportunity to attend Mount Saint Vincent University and try out for the Mystics squad. The summer of my grad year I played with the Mount team and got to know the girls, I made the best friends from the Mount basketball team. Unfortunately just before tryouts I tore my ACL in the same knee, again. I spent two years on the sideline with the Mystics with the hope of playing again, but in my third year I had to accept the loss of competitive basketball.

8. What’s your superpower? 

I would have to give myself some credit for giving what I think is pretty good advice to friends. I am an extremely caring person and I always want the best for my friends, so when one comes to me feeling down about relationships, school or work, words of encouragement just start pouring out of me!

9. It’s Saturday, you have the day off and completely to yourself. What do you do?

Sleep in for sure, sleep is like my main ting… then I'd do something outdoors with KoKo! In the summertime I love going to the beach, when the weather is not beach worthy like right about now, I like going on hikes with friends and my puppy.

10. Best place to go to relax:

Summertime- a beach, any beach with sand for me to lay in and saltwater for me to swim in. I love what salt water does to my curls :)

Point Pleasant Park in Halifax is super beautiful and relaxing, to me it's pretty much heaven seeing as it is also an off leash dog park. Before I got my puppy here in Halifax I used to just go there to see all the beautiful dogs on a nice day.

11.Netflix guilty pleasures?

The whole website basically, I definitely watch a sick amount of Netflix in my free time and also when I don't feel like participating in responsibilities. Right now I'm currently watching: Lee Daniel’s Star, The 100, Riverdale, Scandal, and Drop Dead Diva. Some of my other favourites I've already finished are: Quantico, The Good Wife, Suits, Friday Night Lights and House of Cards.

12. What does confidence mean to you?

To me, confidence means loving yourself and recognizing what God has blessed you with. Once you achieve confidence no one can stop you, each and every one of you are special and don't let anyone tell you differently!

13. How can women help to empower each other?

Pick each other up instead of tear each other down. It's plain and simple yet most women would rather see each other as an enemy than an ally. You don't have to like every girl you come in contact with but you must treat each other with respect. It's 2017 and it's very clear that women are more than capable to do anything men can do, so let's cheer on our lady bosses out there killing it. We need to teach our girls this philosophy as soon as they're old enough to comprehend that they can do whatever it is in life they want to do, regardless of society’s gender “norms”.


1. Favourite ice cream sundae topping:

HOT FUDGE & peanut butter !!!

2. Favourite jewelry to pair with your Nora Swimwear:

I'm not a huge jewelry wearer, but lately I've always had on my cross ring and I love a diamond stud earring.

3.  Fave song to dance to:

I cannot pick just one! Right now a few of my favourite dance tunes are:

My Boo remix by Flume, Slide by Calvin Harris, Migos and Frank Ocean, and Bad and Boujee by Migos

4. Favourite sports team:

Cleveland Cavaliers- LeBron, Kyrie hello!  

5.  Favourite person to plan a trip with:

My girl Kaela Ramsay aka Tina aka the craziest, sweetest, BEST girl to be out of town with :)

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