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Meet the Model, Victoria

Meet the Model, Victoria

Meet the Model, Victoria

The snapshot

Nickname: My name is Victoria, but most people call me Tor, or “diva” because I love fashion and keeping up with the trends.  

Fun Fact: I NEVER eat cereal with milk, just plain. I have an obsession with buying pens that write nicely and me and my sister both have the same middle name!

Age: I am currently 19 years old

Hometown: Fredericton, New Brunswick

Dream town: Anywhere warm and beside the ocean

My friends would describe me as: Easily approachable, bubbly, admirable, and strong

1. What made you want to model for Nora Swimwear?

Well, to begin I fell in love with the idea of empowering women of any body type, size or color. I believe it is extremely important for women worldwide to feel confident in the body that they have, and here at Nora Swim that is the main mission! I also love supporting local start ups and this was a great opportunity to be involved.

2.Do you have any previous modelling experience?

I do! I counted recently and I think I have been a part of 18 photo shoots before!

Photo by Nat Carson

Photo by Nat Carson

3. What’s your occupation?

Full time student at St Thomas University, and on the side I am a Barista at Reads Newsstand & Cafe.

4. What are you most passionate about?

I love kids, and helping people who struggle whether that is physically, mentally or emotionally. I also am extremely passionate about being in front of the camera!

Photo by Nat Carson

Photo by Nat Carson

5. Tell us about your dream job, where would you be and what would you be doing?

Anything revolving around working with kids, and helping people. I have a few options in mind such as Occupational Therapy, Probation Officer, Therapist or Teacher. I will be wherever any of those jobs take me!

6. What’s your biggest goal for 2017?

This year is about me, and bettering myself. I want to focus on school and getting good marks, but most importantly just do me and whatever that is that makes me happy!

7. You’re leaving the house for a week for vacation. Name three things you’re bringing with you:

My blanket, I never leave for a trip without! Also my phone and hair elastics!!!


8. Name your worst habit:

Definitely over thinking and playing with my hair

9. Now name your best habit:

Every morning when I wake up I have a note on my bathroom mirror that forces me to name a few things I am grateful for, have accomplished recently and am thankful for about the current day.

10. How and when do you make time for yourself?

I always leave at least an hour before I go to bed for some time to reflect on my day, scroll through social media and just relax. I also will go to a cafe and grab coffee and let my mind wander about anything and everything that has been going on in my life recently.

Photo by Nat carson

Photo by Nat carson

11. Best place to go for a weekend getaway:

In the summer, definitely Grand Lake. In the winter, Saint John to visit my boyfriend!

12.Where would we find you on a Saturday morning?


In bed, with a cup of coffee or at the Fredericton Market.

11. When do you feel most confident?

Modelling! It is amazing what happens when you let your mind lose and truly be who you are.

13. Where will we find you in your Nora Suit?

This coming month in Turks and Caicos!


1. Favourite pizza topping: Pineapple

2. Favourite place to take your Nora Swimwear: Anywhere and everywhere. I can always count on it to make me feel confident in any situation!

3.  Favourite place to go sliding: Am I really Canadian if I say I don’t like sliding? Because I don’t.

4. Favourite way to beat the Monday blues: Plan for the week ahead and throw on some Lumineers.

5.  Favourite person to spend cold Canadian nights with: My sister Kate if she didn’t live in Montreal, otherwise Lainy or Thomas

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